Playpod | Sydney Design Festival

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Playpod | Sydney Design Festival

Like any metropolis, Sydney has a plethora of odd-shaped plots dotted around the city. This led Scott Carver, Hoyne and Unico to ask themselves – what is a living space? How can these city spots be better utilised to engage communities?

With a collective passion for places and great placemaking, Scott Carver , Hoyne  and Unico have come together to create The Play Pod, a life-sized ‘Rubik’s Cube’ of outdoor
activation for all ages to enjoy.

Low-cost, flexible and portable, The Play Pod is a modular, adaptable structure that can be manipulated to suit the needs of users, and easily relocated to activate new areas. And whilst on the surface it’s all fun and games, The Play Pod is also play with purpose; designed to increase the social value of a space by providing a platform for use, day and night.

A spot for kids to play. A space to unwind. A games room. A theatre. A stage…Whatever shape you want it to take, this super-smart ‘shape-shifter’ is a space for you.


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